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If you make an appointment by phone, please have your insurance information available. Remember, Vision and Medical insurance are not one in the same. Please contact your human resources department with any questions prior to giving us your insurance information.  


Vision Insurance
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Medical Insurance
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Insurance Information
We will bill your visit directly to your insurance provider if you supply an updated proof of insurance at each visit. Please check with us to see if our practice is included in your health insurance network. Any co-payment amount is payable at the time of service.

Medical vs. Vision Plans
The type of eye exam you have is determined by the reason for your visit and your chief complaint, as well as your diagnosis. Routine vision exams usually produce final diagnoses such as nearsightedness or astigmatism, while medical eye exams produce diagnoses such as “conjunctivitis”.

Visions Plans (VSP, EyeMed) are used for ROUTINE eye care only (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism). These plans often provide coverage or some type of discount on glasses or contact lenses.

Medical Insurance will be billed if your eye exam involves a medical condition related to your eye, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts, glaucoma, infections, dry eye, double vision among many others.

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