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Anatomy of the Eye
Conjunctiva - Clear tissue covering the sclera.

Sclera - White outer covering of the eye.

Cornea - Clear outer covering of the centre of the eye.

Pupil - Opening in the iris that allows light into the eye.

Iris - Colored part of the eye that adjusts the size of the pupil in reaction to the amount of light present.

Lens - Clear organ in the eye that changes shape to focus on the object to be seen.

Retina - Covering on the back of the eye which contains receptors for light detection, similar to the film in a camera.

Macula/Fovea - The very centre of the retina where the majority of in coming light is focused.

Optic nerve - Transfers information collected by the receptors in the retina to the brain, where the image is registered as seen.
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