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When our optometrists at HCO examine your eyes, we have two main objectives;
to solve any visual problems or concerns you may have and to look for any signs of eye disease.

During your comprehensive examination, a number of tests and instruments will be used to measure your distance and near vision, to determine if spectacles are needed and to confirm that your eyes work well together. Your eye health will also be checked for any signs of disease such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. If any signs of disease are detected referral to an ophthalmologist or your general health practitioner for treatment may be recommended.

An annual eye examination maybe advised if there are any known eye problems ….

An eye examination at HCO takes about 20 minutes and will include but is not limited to;

» Recording vision and visual acuity

» Determining the presence of any refractive error

» Ophthalmoscopy (examining the inside of the eye)

» Checking that the eyes function well together

» Measurement of the pressure within the eye

» Examination of the exterior of the eye


Q. How often should I have an Eye Examination? 

A. As a rule, eye examinations are recommended every two years for adults. However, certain persons such as diabetics, contact lens wearers and persons with a family history of glaucoma or other eye disease should ensure that they have their eyes examined ANNUALLY. Children may need to be examined as often as every six months depending on their particular eye problems. 

Q. Do I have to have my eyes examined so regularly if my vision is good?

A. The importance of regular eye examination cannot be overemphasized. Not only will changes in your vision be determined, hence allowing your glasses or contact lens prescription to be updated and thus be more effective in improving your vision; but even more importantly, regular eye exams can establish the presence of eye disease such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataract that may lead to vision loss.

Q. How long does an Eye Examination take?

A. Eye examinations normally take between twenty and thirty minutes but can take longer if additional tests are needed such as when fitting patients with contact lenses. When booking an eye exam for contact lenses you should state this so that a longer appointment can be scheduled.

  1. What does the eye exam involve?

    A.The optometrist will perform a series of tests, using several instruments, to determine if you need vision correction with glasses or contact lenses and will also check for signs of eye disease and abnormalities. If necessary, additional diagnostic tests including visual field testing or corneal topography may be recommended.

    Q. What happens if any sign of Eye Disease is found during the Eye Exam?

    A.If any form of eye disease is detected during your exam, you will likely be referred to an Ophthalmologist (Medical Eye Specialist) or a General Practitioner (GP) for medical intervention and treatment.
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