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zeiss myvision ZEISS MyoVision™
MyoVision is a ZEISS single vision lens design with the innovative "Peripheral Vision Management" technology.
It is proven to delay myopia progression by an average of 30%, when compared to traditional lenses.
MyoVision The benefits of Zeiss MyoVision

• Deliver clear and sharp vision

• Offer good comfort through thin and light lenses

• Provides excellent adaptability, cosmetics and wearability
Unique Technology behind MyoVision

Myopia is where the image of a distant object is focused in front of the retina, resulting in blurred distance vision. This is mostly a result of the lenghtening (elongation) of the eye ball.

Research show an indication that the image quality on the periperal retina drives growth of the eye ball. The elongation of the eye also creates a prolate sharped retina (ellipsoid elongated along the optical axis), which has a detrimental influence on the peripheral focal properties.

Conventional single vision lenses correct for central vision, but may contribute to a deterioration of the peripheral image projection.
MyoVision MyoVision corrects for central vision, but also moves the peripheral image onto, or in front of the retina.

Its first research shows an indication that it has an effect of sending a signal to the eye to reduce progression of eye elongation.
MyoVision by Zeiss was developed following research that demonstrated a connection between myopia progression and peripheral retinal image blur. MyoVision has been designed to provide sharp foveal vision while managing peripheral imaging through a unique and patented novel lens design.

A 12 month wearer efficacy trial amongst 210 Chinese school children resulted in slowing down the progression of myopia by an average of 30% in a subgroup of younger children (6 to 12 years old) with at least one myopic parent.
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